About me

I started my diving in the Maldives in 1992, working for Crown Compani on the island of Rangalifinolhu. In 1992 it was only palm trees on the island. Doing exploring dives for several months around in Ari Atoll, the underwater photography interest started to blossom. What could have been a third generation of professional photographers I never made photography my profession, but brought up with cameras, it was impossible for me not to pick something from my more land based father Odd Hathaway Brett. Still taking all the still pictures with my analog Nikon RS, I still have a couple of thousands pictures to scan. The pictures shown in this website is only a small amount of my work. Having pygmy seahorses as my favourite model, I am not a really fast swimmer, so I am sending my gratitude to all the dive guides, and my buddies that have experienced and accepted my immobility under water. My motto is that a picture can always be better, and if it is not good enough – it is not close enough. On the other hand, on this site I have tried to show You as many species as possible. Therefore sometimes the picture itself would maybe not win a competition in UW-photography. Sorry for that! For this summer of 2012 I just got my self a Nikon D800 in an UW housing.